Alcohol 120% 2.0.3 Build 9811 FULL + Crack Free Download

Alcohol 120% – A powerful Windows CD and DVD burning software that makes it easy to create backups of DVDs and CDs. Additionally, the program lets you store your most used CDs as images on your computer, and you can mount them with a click of a button.
Alcohol 120% burning software includes a Pre-Mastering function which lets you burn files directly from your hard drive, and supports Blu-ray format and HD DVD. Compatible with all Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems up to Windows 8. The interface is well structured, and its numerous features are organized in dedicated tabs on the left side of the main window, while the discs and the virtual drives one is working with are shown in the middle. To ensure the virtual discs are mounted successfully, Alcohol 120% features several wizard-like guides that are useful to beginners and experts alike when it comes to actions such as image creating and burning, disc copying or drive erasing. The Settings window is heftier than the one typically included in this type of software utilities, which can only mean the app offers a lot of customization options to its users, and this feature is best exploited by professionals who know how to correctly adjust the emulation settings, the memory buffer size, the virtual drive or the data type parameters.

Home Users make backup copies of their game CDs and movie DVDs, allowing the kids to treat multimedia disks roughly, without destroying their value.

Librarians and school administrators use Alcohol 120% burning software to archive their institutions’ collections of recordable media, protecting themselves against the daily wear and tear that damages discs.

Business users use Alcohol 120% burning software to make duplicate backup copies of software titles, ensuring that they will continue to have access to their licensed software, even if their physical CDs become damaged and unusable.

We Provide Cracked Software For Education Purpose Only. You May Not Use This Crack To Make Money Or Use It For Commercial Purpose.

  • Back-up CDs and DVDs by creating perfect 1:1 copies fast and easy.
  • Run your CDs and DVDs up to 200 times faster.
  • The program is fully compatible with over 99% of the currently known drives.
  • Burn multiple CDs and DVDs from various sources simultaneously.
  • Alcohol 120% can override even the newest copy protections.
  • Supports an extensive array of image file types such as MDS, CCD, ISO, CUE, BIN and many others.
  • High-quality support provided by software experts.

      Title:-                                                  Alcohol 120% 2.0.3 Build 9811
      File Size:-                                            8.12 MB
      Requirements:-                                   Windows (All Versions)
      Author:-                                               Alcohol Software
Alcohol 120% is a complex CD/DVD burning and emulation program.





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