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HomeGuard Pro – An easy to use activity monitoring tool for tracking and controlling the use of computers in home and office networks.
HomeGuard Pro records web activity and automatically blocks all adult and inappropriate content in websites in addition to customizable website block and allow lists and filtering based on file types (e.g.: exe downloads or online flash games). It also records detailed reports on usage of programs including active usage time, run time, bandwidth used, mouse clicks and keystrokes typed in each program with the option to block or time limit certain programs or games. Plus screen capture, periodically or based on specific activities, chat and email monitoring and filtering, printer and USB devices monitoring and blocking, Internet time restrictions, network connection monitoring and filtering, email notifications and more. HomeGuard Pro runs, by default, in stealth mode completely hidden and undetectable, however, it can be set to show warnings to users when anything is blocked. Either way it is uninstallable, unclosable and cannot be bypassed using proxy servers. A further noteworthy feature of the utility is that you can view the records on all computer in the network remotely, so you do not have to access employees PCs at all. In fact, the app keeps main logs that are automatically synchronized with the ones on the other computers. In case you are worried about their size or about them being accessed and modified, then you can rest assured that they are stored compressed and come with 256-bit strong encryption. Last, but not least important, the tool works in stealth mode and cannot be bypassed using proxy servers. Despite the fact that the users cannot close or uninstall it, you can set the app to display warnings when they are attempting to access web content or local files that are blocked.
Overall, HomeGuard Pro is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard Pro will silently and automatically block all pornographic and inappropriate content online and record detailed website activity including time of visit and time spent on each website.
We Provide Cracked Software For Education Purpose Only. You May Not Use This Crack To Make Money Or Use It For Commercial Purpose.

1. Porn filtering based on websites content not just names:

Automatic content filtering of websites, chat messages and email for pornographic or inappropriate content or for a list of words defined by you. Internet content filtering cannot be circumvented by the use of proxy servers, all Internet traffic is filtered regardless of ports or destination, all while keeping the use of CPU and memory to a minimum through the use of advanced search and identification algorithms, thus adding very little to no overhead to computer and Internet speed.

2. Websites blocking by name or URL, blacklists and whitelists:

Block access to websites in a predefined ‘block’ list. Or allow access only to websites on a ‘allow’ list, blocking all other websites. Recorded details include time spent on each website and which program was used to visit the website. As in content/porn filtering above, the use of proxy servers to defeat websites blocking won’t work.

3. Time and event based screenshots capture:

Take screenshots at predefined intervals and times of day and days of week. By default HomeGuard Pro will take screenshots every 10 minutes everyday but can be set to take screenshots as often as every 2 seconds. It can also take screenshots when a website is visited, a keyword is found, a chat message/instant message or Email is sent or received, a program is started, a file is printed or it can record screenshots of blocked events only.

4. Restrict programs/games usage times or completely block a program:

Set the times at which each program can be used and for how long. Or completely block certain programs. This feature is designed with excessive/addictive gaming in mind. Blocked programs cannot be opened by renaming or moving the program, once a program is added to a blocking list its signature is computed and saved and it will be recognized no matter where it is on the hard disk or what its name is.

5. Keylogger Tool:

Quietly record all keystrokes typed including usernames, passwords, chat messages and emails along with the time of typing for each segment, program the keystrokes were typed in and window title at the time of typing. HomeGuard keylogger includes full support for languages using non Latin scripts (Unicode).

6. Restrict Internet and computer usage times:

Set the time of day and/or days of week at which the computer and Internet can be used. Time restrictions cannot be manipulated by changing system time, by default HomeGuard Pro blocks system time changing for all users and you can define a list of users to allow to change time.

7. Network monitoring and blocking:

Allows monitoring and blocking of individual Internet connections by port and IP addresses. Can be used to block certain Internet protocols  (e.g. Peer to peer file sharing.)  HomeGuard Pro also attempts to detect protocol type of the connection and will show detailed statistics of the connection’s duration and bandwidth used.

8. USB storage media monitoring and blocking:

Monitor and optionally block removable devices like USB thumb drives, external hard disks…etc useful for preventing sharing of pornographic files or protecting your computer against viruses and spyware transmitted on thumb drives.

9. Automatic clean up of old records:

By default records older than 30 days will be deleted auto. You can change this as needed or start a clean up at anytime.
Title:-                                                                HomeGuard Professional Edition 4.2.1
File Size:-                                                          11.65 MB
Requirements:-                                                Windows (All Versions)
Author:-                                                            Veridium.net
HomeGuard Pro - Monitor web activity, and block inappropriate content for network connected computers.


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