Foxit Phantom PDF Business Multi + Patch

Foxit is dedicated to improving the performance of PhantomPDF and providing users with best experience in viewing, editing, creating, organizing and securing PDF documents.

Version 9.3

Release Date: Sep 28, 2018

New Features in Foxit PhantomPDF 9.3

  • Accessibility Features
    • Highlight the current reading content when you use Jaws to read a document, which streamlines your PDF workflow.
    • Support right-click menu when selecting multiple items with the Shift/Ctrl key in the Order panel to perform certain actions quickly and with ease.
    • Find a tag in the Tags tree more easily with the option Find Tag From Selection from the right-click menu after you select an item in the document pane. (Business Only)
    • Select multiple items with the Shift/Ctrl key and then drag and drop them to the desired positions to adjust the order in the Order panel. (Business Only)
    • Edit tag types quickly using the F2 key. (Business Only)
    • Select multiple tags with the Shift/Ctrl key in the Tags panel to bulk edit tag properties, reorder tags, and perform other actions from the right-click menu. (Business Only)
    • Access the Touch Up Reading Order tool quickly from the right-click menu of any tag in the Tags tree. (BusinessOnly)
  • Print PDFs using the custom settings in Print Dialog Presets if any. You can view and modify the print dialog presets in the Properties in the File tab.

Improvements in Foxit PhantomPDF 9.3

  • SharePoint plugin improvements
    • Allow users to pin libraries to the list in the Save As dialog box when creating PDFs from the SharePoint plugin in Microsoft Word, which ensures quick and easy access to frequently used libraries.
    • Add an option to navigate back to SharePoint root folders when choosing from recent folders or accessing a new library that is not in the root folder.
    • Add an option to overwrite an existing file in SharePoint when creating a file with the same name from the SharePoint plugin.
  • Some other user-friendly enhancements.

Issues Addressed in Foxit PhantomPDF 9.3

  • Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for details.

Version 3.0

Release Date: August 21, 2018

New Features in Foxit PhantomPDF Mac 3.0

  • Edit PDF files
    Add and edit text and image objects in PDF files, and enable users to change text formats including font type, style, size, color, text alignment, etc.
  • Add headers and footers
    Add, edit, or delete headers and footers in a PDF file.
  • Create and convert PDF files
    • Create a blank PDF file from scratch.
    • Create PDF files from images and text files.
    • Convert PDF files to Microsoft Office, HTML, image, and text files.
  • OCR PDF files
    Recognize image-based or scanned PDF files to make the text searchable or editable.
  • Organize PDF files and pages
    • Insert and merge PDF documents together or split PDF apart.
    • Delete, extract, duplicate, replace, or rotate pages to reorganize PDF documents.
  • Work with PDF forms
    Fill in PDF forms and import/export form data for data collection.
  • Sign PDF documents
    • Create your own handwriting signature to sign PDF documents.
    • Add digital signatures to PDF documents and allow the PDF receiver to validate the status of a digital signature to determine if the document has been modified since the signature was applied.
    • Certify PDF documents with or without displaying signatures to indicate your approval of the contents, and control the types of changes other people can make after certification.
  • Protect PDF files
    • Protect PDF documents with passwords or certificates and control what actions others can perform on the documents to protect confidential information.
    • Protect PDF documents with Microsoft® Rights Management Service and allow authors and admins to control rights management for each PDF document.
  • Annotate PDF files
    Provide a full set of feature-rich comment tools to mark up and annotate PDF files.
  • Navigate by bookmarks
    Jump to the specific section of a PDF file by bookmark. Users can also add, rename, delete bookmarks, or set destinations to bookmarks.
  • Add attachments
    Add, open, and view file attachments embedded in PDF files.

Foxit Phantom PDF Business Multi + Patch

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